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There are some types of dental care services that require the expertise of an orthodontist rather than a general dentist. Charlotte area’s Braces by Bird can answer all of your questions about orthodontic treatment and help you explore your options when considering braces. It can be encouraging to discover that today’s treatments include advanced methods of straightening teeth without the need for metal brackets and wires.

Early Treatment Benefits

With their orthodontic care, teenagers fitted have some advantages over adults, although orthodontists agree that it’s never too late to have your teeth straightened.

While the teen years are typically considered as the ideal time to look into braces, seven years of age is widely considered the optimal age for an assessment.

Treatment may not be necessary at this early age, however more and more experts are noting that appropriately timed screening increases their young patients’ chances for a perfect smile, because the perfect time for interception can be established.

Interceptive treatment can create room for crowded teeth that are yet to erupt, guide teeth into proper alignment, prevent shifting of already-erupted teeth by reserving space for teeth that are yet come in, and reduce the need for extractions that in the past, was the only way to achieve more room in the dental arch for adult teeth.

Adult Treatment Benefits

If you’ve been thinking about braces for yourself, the good news is it’s never too late to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted – and with today’s virtually undetectable options, no one else has to know you're improving your smile.

You can commit to wearing braces without changing your lifestyle.

  • Invisalign’s clear, virtually invisible, removable aligners require no adjustment time, so you won’t have to experience any embarassing lisp as you learn how to speak while wearing them.
  • You can take them out for up to two full hours each day for brushing and flossing and for enjoying your favorite foods.
  • Never feel embarassed laughing or smiling. They're almost 100% undetectible!

Other Invisible Options

Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign. For patients who require traditional braces, Clarity™ offers a solution to the age-old problem of attracting undue attention due to silver-colored bands and brackets. Clarity is the clear version of conventional silver metal brackets and wires, made from tooth-colored ceramic that won’t stain or become discolored over the course of treatment.

Ask your dentist in Charlotte for a referral to Braces by Bird to learn more about how you can have your teeth straightened without making a statement ... until, of course, you're ready to by flashing your beautiful, straight smile!

We’d love you to schedule a consultation with us for an assessment of your teeth and a recommendation of a treatment plan that will create a beautiful brand-new smile for life!

Invisalign For Teens

If your teenager is feeling less-than-excited about having to wear braces, Invisalign Teen's unique benefits may be precisely what they’ve been seeking.

Not only is Invisalign Teen utterly undetectable to others, but you’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that while the aligners are removable, the system contains indicators that verify the time they're worn during a particular treatment duration. 

Ask your Charlotte dentistry provider how braces can benefit you or your teen, and call us - Braces by Bird - for a complimentary new-patient consultation on how to improve your smile using the latest technology available today.

We’d love the chance to get to know you better and help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Call now!

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