Dexa Scan Kansas City

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Dexa Scan Kansas City

Brown’s Medical Imaging is here for anyone in the Kansas City, Kansas area who needs a dexa scan. Count on us to provide the quality medical equipment your office needs.

Brown’s Medical Imaging relies on Hologic: The Women’s Health Company for the best dexa scan machines. In addition to bone health, these scanners can draw conclusions about body composition and cardiovascular risks. These scanners have a new digital high resolution ceramic detector array and a new high frequency x-ray generator. Hologic dexa scans deliver rapid, dual energy bone density measurements with just one move. No more beam overlap mistakes or distorted images that make an accurate result impossible to get. The Hologic company motto is ‘Powerful Images…Clear Answers.’

Dexa stands for ‘dual energy x-ray absorptiometry’ and is a noninvasive and painless bone density test to measure your risk for osteoporosis and fractures. Two x-ray beams are aimed at the bone, usually the spine and hips. For patients who have had a hip replacement, the forearm will be scanned instead. A dexa scan is more sensitive and accurate because it can detect even a 1% change in your bone density. Sometimes the result of a dexa scan is used to determine if a patient needs to take medication to slow down bone loss. A 2nd dexa scan may be taken to see if your bone density is getting better, worse or staying the same. If you have osteoporosis, a dexa scan can determine if your treatment is working. If you have cancer, a dexa scan can show if it has spread to your bones.

There are a few other reasons to get a dexa scan; an x-ray of your spine showing a break or bone loss, back pain caused by a spinal fracture, you have shrunk a half inch or more in the last year or you have shrunk an inch and a half altogether. A dexa scan only takes 10 to 30 minutes and is an outpatient procedure. There are no rules about eating or drinking before your dexa scan. But if you are on calcium supplements, stop taking them 24 hours before your dexa scan.

For the scan you will lie on a padded table after changing into a hospital gown. An x-ray generator is underneath and an imaging device is above. Your legs will be elevated with a padded box so that your pelvis and lower lumbar spine naturally flatten out. The technician will work the machine sending an invisible beam of low dose x-rays with 2 energy peaks through your bone. One energy peak is absorbed my soft tissue. The 2nd energy peak is absorbed by bone.

You will need to lie completely still during the scan. You may also be told to hold your breath so that the image does not get blurry. Your doctor will get the results of the dexa scan in 1 or 2 weeks and go over them with you.

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Dexa Scan Kansas City
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