Cosmetic Dentistry That Will Make Your Smile Stand Out

Everyone wants a smile they can be proud of. The good news is that regardless of your age, you can achieve a look that makes you more confident and eager to expose those pearly whites around friends and family and even pursue new opportunities.

At Park Ridge Dental Associates, we know that the appearance of your smile is just as crucial as its function. That’s why we offer cosmetic treatments, many of which can be completed in just one visit!

5 Cosmetic Dental Options To Look Into

  1. Teeth whitening. It’s a well-known fact that people with brighter smiles are viewed as more attractive. Teeth Whitening is one of the most in-demand – and cost-friendly – cosmetic options. You can buy a teeth whitening kit and do it yourself or put your trust in the professionals. The latter will give you reliable, consistent results for that celebrity-caliber smile.
  2. White fillings. We can take care of cavities with white fillings that blend in with your natural smile. If you’re somebody who has silver amalgam fillings in teeth from days gone by, we may be able to replace them with this undetectable option. Ask us about this treatment during your next visit.
  3. Bonding or veneers. These two cosmetic treatments are packed full of value! We can cover up the most noticeable stains, chips, cracks, and uneven edges. And we can effectively balance your smile – without having to put braces on your teeth.
  4. Crowns. These porcelain caps are placed on top of damaged and used to protect them and keep them operating at 100%. If you’ve undergone a root canal, then you already have one of these.
  5. These clear, custom-made aligners gradually shift place into teeth (like braces). The best part is they can be removed for brushing, playing sports, and going out on dates.

If cosmetic dentistry has recently crossed your mind or is something you’ve wanted to look into for some time, then give us a call. We’d be happy to examine your smile and make some recommendations that align with your goals and wishes.

A No-Obligation Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Is A Call Away

  • Brighten discolored teeth several shades
  • Restore worn or chipped teeth with veneers
  • Show more teeth than gums with gum sculpting
  • Live with a better bite and smile
  • Experience long-lasting, transformative results.

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