Veneers & Bonding Make Smile Imperfections Vanish

The one thing pretty much everyone will notice about you is your smile. There’s research to prove it! At this point, you may be feeling inadequate because of chips, gaps, or stains in your mouth. As your dentist in Park Ridge, we have cosmetic solutions such as veneers and bonding that will make all of that a distant memory and give you the “wow" factor you’ve been seeking.

An Overview Of Dental Bonding

With bonding, your dentist will use a tooth-colored resin (plastic) material and apply it to a tooth that has been compromised. Our talented dentists use their skills to sculpt and mold the material to look natural and feel as natural as the rest of your smile. What, specifically, can bonding take care of? It can strengthen and hide chips, worn enamel (outer surface of the tooth), and fill in cracks. It can also repair teeth affected by decay and replace silver amalgam fillings with white composites. And it can conceal stains as well as crooked teeth and make gaps disappear. When it comes to veneer glue teeth, our clinic offers precise and durable solutions.

An Overview Of Veneers

Veneers may be thin, but they are incredibly strong. These custom-made shells are available in various shapes and sizes. They originally came to be because Hollywood stars needed them for their roles. But since then, they’ve become popular among the masses. This cosmetic option effectively can correct the appearance of stains, breaks, cracks, chips, unsightly fillings, and discolored teeth. Plastic veneers offer another affordable and versatile option for enhancing your smile. Crafted from durable composite materials, plastic veneers are customized to fit your teeth perfectly and achieve the desired aesthetic results.

How are they put on? We make the tooth replica and then use the impression as a model to create the veneers, so it’s perfect for your smile. We will condition your teeth with a mild solution during your appointment. From there, we will apply glue that sticks the veneer to your tooth with assistance from a high-intensity light. A tiny amount of your tooth will need to be removed before we attach the veneer. And voila! Your smile is complete. And blemishes you don’t want everyone to know about are gone. When it comes to veneer tooth glue, we use advanced adhesive formulations designed specifically for dental applications.

Ready to give your smile that long-overdue boost? Contact your trusted Park Ridge dentist today to discuss veneers or dental bonding. We’ll make sure you get the results you want.

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